Track and Correct Compliance Events from Anywhere

You want compliance done right the first time. For tracking compliance, traqpath is the workspace to get it done.

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Get Productive...Immediately

Bad things happen. Track and record any adverse event, then start an investigation. Respond to these events faster. Get immediate productivity. But remember that to truly gain compliance, you need to include others. That’s why traqpath has workspaces for you to share your activities with anyone.

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Achieve Your Full Potential

Manage any number of events and corrections. Improve, effortlessly. Track events and corrections...but that’s not all. Do all this, and get your coworkers involved. Get 3rd parties involved. Your reach is limitless. Compliance is everyone’s business. Achieve your full potential with traqpath.

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Cultivate Teamwork

The more people you share your workspace with, the more efficient you will become. Create workspaces within your organization. Or extend it outside of your circle. traqpath encourages collaboration and ensures that everyone who needs to be involved in your compliance processes, is. So break down those walls and start collaborating.

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traqpath Premium

We give you even more access to all the things you already love about traqpath*:

  • Add more users to your workgroup
  • More storage and attachments
  • Connect with other workgroups
  • More reporting to build greater visibility into the data
  • Additional functions to your traqpath forms
  • And more!

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* This is a preliminary list, actual details of traqpath premium are subject to change. Sign up for more details about the premium edition.

Features & Benefits

Track Any Compliance Event
This can be any event in your operations—incidents, adverse events, customer concerns, or anything that needs collaboration.

Create a Workgroup
You can invite others within your company to be a part of a working team to review and handle events.

Send Events
If you want to send action items, events or corrective actions to those outside of your workgroup, you can simply add their email and send it to them. They will only see the events that are assigned to them!

traqpath will send you and your team an email whenever an event has been assigned or updated.

Issue Action Items
For events, or just meetings, you can assign action items to various team members and track their progress.

Escalate & Initiate
For those events that need further investigation, you can create corrective actions and follow them to resolution.

You can view reports on events, action items and corrective actions from your Web version of traqpath.

Your Trusted Compliance Tracker
traqpath uses robust secure servers & hosting with 99% uptime & SSL data encryption.

Get on the path to simplified compliance

Compliance isn’t confined to your desk, and so you shouldn’t be confined, either. Access traqpath over the Web or on a Mobile Device. Get traqpath today by signing up on the Web, through the Apple App Store, or on the Google Play store. Start tracking today—break free of the email clutter with traqpath.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is traqpath really free?
It sure is! It's available on the Web, as well as the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can download traqpath and start using with absolutely zero cost. No catch – we want you to get the most value with a little investment as possible.

Can I add attachments, like pictures or documents?
Yes - you can add any number of attachments, photos, or drawings to your traqpath records. If you're on mobile you can attach photos, or take pictures using the native mobile camera features. The only limitation is that the file size needs to be under 5MB and no more than 10 attachments per record.

How many users can I add to my workgroup?
We currently allow you to invite up to 25 members to join your workgroup. Workgroups are able to collaborate on events, actions and Corrective Actions within the group.

What if the user is not in my workgroup, can I still send them assignments?
Of course! In fact, you can send unlimited assignments to members outside of your workgroup. Just type in the email address of the person you want to send a record to, and they'll get a notification. They don't need to sign up for traqpath, and they will only see the record you've assigned to them.

What if I need help?
We’re always here to help. You can access the help by going to the “Help Center” at the top right section of the web application, or by clicking on the “?” button at the bottom right of your screen. Our Help Center offers articles and tutorials. You can also provide us with Feedback. Feel free to suggest new features, or if you are stuck on something or notice a glitch, let us know!

I downloaded traqpath, but I didn’t get an activation email. What do I do?
Check your spam filter or junk email box in case we are blocked by mistake. We also recommend you whitelist our email address,, by adding it to your address list to ensure successful delivery. Click here for instructions.